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Wine blogger Beth Smith

Wine reviewer and blogger Beth Smith
aka @travelwinechick







travelwinechick Beth Smith posted pic of DripTeez wine bottle drip stoppers in retail packaging
"I was pleased to discover that not only do they work, they are also handmade in the United States. They can be custom made with your favorite bling or logos. Wine is meant to be fun and DripTeez is a practical, playful way to stop drips and dress up your wine bottle."
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Customer video post on wine band dripteez drip stopper

 Michael Bunch user wine band post on dripteez drip stopper


Wildbunchbakers wine band post on dripteez drip stopper



Customer twitter posting on wine accessory dripteez


Sommelier Michelle Williams on protecting her wine label with accessory dripteez drip stopper


Sommelier Michelle Williams praising wine accessory dripteez



Wine blogger Marcy Gordon Come for the WineWine reviewer and blogger Marcy Gordon
aka @marcygordon

"...I could not help but notice the odd little fabric wraps around the necks of the bottles. They looked like mini ankle weights or leg warmers circa 1982 Jane Fonda ~ “Feel the burn!”~ but it turns out they were drip catchers called
DripTeez.  ... Anyway they worked great and nary a drip escaped down the bottles."
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Sommelier Les Chardonnay facebook post on wine accessory dripteez drip stopper



 Wine review of dripteez drip stopper by tweetwit Wine drinker tweettwit117 review on dripteez



Wine Stalker blogger Joey Casco reviewer on dripteez drip stoppers


Joey Casco wine blogger post on dripteez with product pics



Wine drinker Angie fosterschica twitter post on dripteez wine band



Texas Wineaux friscokid49 review on dripteez wine band

Wine blogger Texas Wineaux posting dripteez wine band





  Bliss Wine Imports tasting at solar universe using dripteez drip stoppers



 VinVillage Rob Barnett at VinDiego Wine Festival featuring dripteez products



Winespeek James Nieves post on dripteez wine band


  Cliff Brown blogger post on Copain wine with drip stopper dripteez
Wine blogger Cliff brown twitter pic of Copain wine with dripteez drip stopper

Wine reviewer Cliffs Wine Picks testimonial on drip stopper dripteez
Wine reviewer Cliffswinepicks on using wine accessory drip stopper dripteez


Conn Valley Vineyards with wine band accessory dripteez drip stopper


Travelingwinechick posting about wine accessories dripteez

Beth Smith wine blogger with matching toenail polish and dripteez drip stopper


Beth Smith to Old York Cellars and Uncorkedremarks and Trentadue Winery on dripteez accessory


Wine customer review on dripteez wine accessory


Bliss Wine Imports commenting on wine accessory dripteez


Wine drinker comment on wine accessory dripteez drip stopper