DripTeez™ Evaluators

Thank you so much for evaluating DripTeez™!  The evaluation starts on Thursday Feb 12, so please read the below and send your request asap.


  • A brand new wine bottle drip stopper product to evaluate for free
  • Shipped to you for free
  • The opportunity to help a brand new teeny-tiny company make quality products that will appeal to the wine drinker market
  • Feedback on your DripTeez™ and our website (usability, durability, style, etc.)
  • Suggestions for a product we already know stops drips, but may need some tweaking depending on the types of uses (casual, wine tastings, restaurants, etc.)
  • The opportunity to get DripTeez™ into the hands of wine lovers who will help spread the word if they love it as much as we do
  • We'll send you one Simply Classic DripTeez™ (we'll send 2 if you can give to another qualified evaluator who wants to participate)
  • We have to choose a group from those interested, so please request participation:
      1. If you can evaluate your DripTeez™ on at least 5 bottles of wine between Friday Feb 13 and Monday Feb 23
      2. If you live in the contiguous U.S. (unfortunately, it's too expensive to send free products overseas - we're on a shoestring budget!)
      3. If you promise to give thoughtful, honest feedback (we'll send you a link to a short survey at the end of evaluation)


    • Fill out the contact form below and answer the following questions in the message section:
      • Your role with wine (sommelier, vineyard, taster, buyer, retailer, restaurant, importer, active blogger, etc.)
      • Address you want us to mail your DripTeez™
        • Web address of your blog or business (if applicable)

        If you don't get chosen to participate in this evaluation, it's probably because we already have enough people signed up in your profile category.  But, rest assured!  We appreciate your interest so much that we will extend a special little gift to those who cared enough to request participation (we don't know what it will be, yet, but we have some ideas!).

        THANKS AGAIN and don't forget to SIGN UP NOW!  Cheers to all of you!