About Us

Pouring with wine band drip stopper example dripteez


DripTeez™ is a cool new product that uses bamboo to stop wine from dripping down your wine bottle. It easily slips onto your wine bottle and can stay there even when you re-cork to finish your wine later.

Customers are giving DripTeez™ great reviews and it’s getting shout-outs from Sommeliers, wine bloggers, and wineries as a product that really works and looks good on the bottle. DripTeez is a must-have for wine drinkers and can also be given as a useful wine gift.

Our mission is simple:  design drip stoppers that work, look great and are re-usable and durable.

All of our DripTeez™ are handmade in the U.S.A with great care and attention to detail.  This means that every single one is unique.  We included bamboo because it's sustainable, durable, and has natural antibacterial properties. 

Who started DripTeez™?  The founder of DripTeez™ was constantly chasing running drips down wine bottles in an attempt to protect furniture and tablecloths.  While the number of pours were numerous, the number of drips running down the bottles were endless!  So, the research began for drip stoppers, but the search was fruitless because none of the products didn't work very well and/or didn't do everything she wanted, including reliably stopping drips, using sustainable materials, staying on the bottle between corkings, user friendliness, durability, and aesthetically pleasing.

This is how DripTeez™ was born. The only mission at first was to make a drip stopper that actually works.  The first prototype was made (it took 4 hours to sew just one!). There was no sewing skill or knowledge up front, so it was learned the hard way that thick stretchy material can be difficult to work with. The first prototype isn't anything like what we have today.  

To test DripTeez™ with other people, it was brought to a few places without telling people it was hand made.  The response was unbelievable.  Once people realized it wasn't a product on the market, they asked if they could buy one.  Waiters reported that no matter how good they are at pouring, wine dripping down the bottles is still a huge problem - it's not only embarrassing, but customers purchasing expensive wines expect pours without drips running onto the wine labels and sometimes the tablecloths.  Wine professionals, wine enthusiasts, and casual wine drinkers can all appreciate a drip solution that really works.

Is it possible to pour the "perfect" pour every time?  Maybe, if you pay painful attention while you're pouring every time.  But, let's be real.  Who wants to pay such close attention to every single pour?

DripTeez™ can be adorned with restaurant logos, accessories like decorative bands and specialty charms, as well as custom additions (your initials, a special date, etc) according to individual needs. 

So, there you have it!  We would love your feedback, suggestions, ideas, or comments, so please communicate with us any time!  The best way to reach us is via email at  We typically respond the same day if we get the message early enough.  But, please be patient if it takes a bit longer during busy times. :)

Cheers to everyone!