Wine accessory drip catcher gift with daring brass handcuffs

DripTeez™ Wine Bottle Drip Stopper with Brass Tone Handcuffs

  • $ 1299

Whether you live on the edge or in law enforcement, these seriously cool brass tone metal handcuffs are sure to be a conversation piece.  Stops crime and stops dripping wine, too (well, maybe not the crime part).

Add to your own DripTeez™ Collections or give as a useful gift to wine enthusiasts, wine professionals, casual wine drinkers, and foodies.

  • Made with bamboo, which is sustainable, durable, and antibacterial
  • Handmade in the USA  
  • FREE SHIPPING with purchase of $20+ (mix and match is ok)

Like all hand made products you may appreciate slight variations in minor details (like stitching), which makes every single one unique.  In our humble opinion, this one of the coolest aspects of our products.

Let DripTeez™ Drip Stoppers do the work while looking stylish. DripTeez™ makes life a bit easier and tables a bit cleaner by catching those runaway drips down your wine bottles or cooking oil bottles.  Spend $20 or more and get FREE SHIPPING!

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