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Here’s the deal: every time I think about writing a blog, I say to myself “what a wonderful world!”. Actually that’s not what I think; it’s what came to me at the moment I wrote it (I was told to write what comes to mind and that’s what came to mind). When I think about writing a blog, I really say “what the hell am I going to write about a product that stops drips? I would say ‘it stops drips’. Who gives a sh** about that?”.

I was invited to be interviewed on the wine radio show VinVillageRadio. Again, I was like “what am I going to say about a product that stops drips?” I’m a very pragmatic, direct, no-nonsense kind of person. I was told to talk about my “story”. Story??? I’m sure no one gives a sh** about my story! Anyway, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to give exposure to DripTeez, so I put some thought into it...  ok, I can talk about why I created a product like DripTeez. Yeah, I can do that. How about the cluster-f**** that was the first version. And about all the different styles. And who is selling it online. And what stores are carrying it in their shops. And who I’m partnering with. And what the new products being worked on are. What???? The 9 minute time for the interview is already up? Sh**!   LOL, click the pic below to listen if you feel like it:

Ok, I can blog about those kinds of things. But it’s probably more interesting to hear about the people who've been using DripTeez and about things like contests that my partners and I want to hold (fun contests that can score the winner a new DripTeez).  I love games games games!!  Fun fun fun!  Play play play!

Ok, here’s a hint for a special offer from one of my co-conspirators (oops I mean partners) VinoVinOnline - just go to their page HERE and scroll to bottom to subscribe to their newsletter.  You’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free bottle of wine and DripTeez at the end of June. Can’t beat that deal!! They’re conscientious about not sending useless junk emails, so you won’t get bombarded. But you will get bi-weekly info on their free wine tastings, new wines, and special deals. Worth it? I think so!

And what better time to give a shout out to, our latest online reseller! They have some really cool stuff related to rock music (including… ahem shameless plug… DripTeez). Give yourself a few minutes of fun and check them out HERE!

And, finally, I feel compelled to give my disclaimer of being co-founder of Bliss Wine Imports – an importer of scrum-dilly-icious wines from small family vineyards in Europe. I like transparency. I talk about Bliss and, yes, I really do think the wines are abso-freaking-lutely amazing. “I can taste the farm!” (that's what I say when I can taste real food in the wine).

I guess I’ll close my very first blog ever with “DripTeez really effing works”. That means they stop the drips from running down the bottle (in case you were wondering). What I hadn’t expected were the myriad styles we keep coming up with. Oh, and the LOGO’s. Ok, now there’s a freaking story! I’m still traumatized. But, that’s for another time.

Cheers to vino lovers everywhere!



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